Purple Heart Monument Vandalized!

Shortly after 6:00 am this morning, deputies responded to an alarm call at the Citrus County Courthouse. Upon finding the building secure, Dep. Robby Crosnoe heard noises coming from the Historic Old Courthouse nearby. Deputies responded there and found spray paint on several areas of the building, including Aaron Weaver’s Purple Heart monument. The door to the courthouse was broken and many areas of the building had been vandalized, as well as the clock tower. Deputies noticed the suspect, now identified as Killian McLean, 21, of Inverness, sitting on the roof of the courthouse. Citrus Sheriff Fire Rescue then brought in the ladder truck to retrieve McLean. He was taken into custody without incident and charged with Criminal Mischief, Remove/Disfigure Tomb/Monument/Trees and Burglary to a Structure or Dwelling with Damage Over $1,000. His bond is set at $17,000. Killian said what he did was “art.”

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