is a news resource providing community crime news and alerts.

  1. Improve Access:

    Our goal is to make community crime news more accessible to the citizens of the communities we serve.

  2. Community Engagement: engages the community by providing news in places where the modern consumer is active: Our easy to use, mobile friendly website, and on social media websites.

  3. Building Awareness:

    By improving access to community crime news, and engaging the population, we are building awareness! Everyone has the right to know when their peers have been accused of a crime. Furthermore, we post information on community safety alerts and unsolved crimes.

  4. Giving Back:

    We donate a portion of our profits to local non-profit awareness groups that cover issues such as DUI, underage drinking, etc.

  5. Empower Community:

    The sum of our efforts will empower the communities we serve, creating a more conscious populous, and help to fund local awareness groups.